This is self-actualization which demands the best version of yourself, to maximise your potential for a fulfilling healthy life. A life filled with love.

Yes. This is what life is. Mixed emotions, placid moments, lust, love, heart breaks, ups and downs. At the end it is all that you live through.

You’ll come across billions of people who could seem better than your man, better than your girl. But it is that one person who fascinates you the most. And that’s your better half. Your girl. Your man.

The one who is the exact epitome of what you had dreamt of a life partner in your mind.

Then, you’ll have thousands of reasons to love them. Millions of dreams to be dreamt together. Many ways to show that they are yours. Possessiveness, care, joy, affection begin to engulf you.

You start loving the way you live. You have a reason to live. Their name widens the curves on your face. Your lips get the pinkish tincture more often. You begin and end your day with their thoughts. You feel loved.

The feelings for each other increases. You respect their emotions. She cares for you like a mother, loves more than a lover and stays with you in every ordeal like a best friend.

Everytime you be with them, your fingers automatically wind around the other’s. Their body odour smells as the best cologne that even the streets of Paris would never get one. The warmth of their breath near your lips runs a chill down your spine.

No weed or bong could drive you high, than your partner’s warm breath, their long fingers caressing your hair and the soft skin touching your body like a cold breeze on the mountain. Making love to them means cherishing some of the most precious moments of your life. When it is with them, you don’t mean just an intercourse, but a deeper affection which is mutual among both. The feeling which you never would like to share with anyone else. That defines your intensity of love. The infinite depth of affection! Every time you bang, reassures of your being with them, for a lifetime. They start looking through your views. Their suggestions matter you. They know your level of fierce.

Every single thing they do fascinates you much. You admire them like there’s none better. You never feel like compromising them for anyone else. You just can’t get rid of them. They become your addiction. Your new drug! You can’t stay from keeping your hands away without touching them. You cuddle up with them as if they are a soft cotton ball. You handle them like a newborn child. This is pure LOVE, that which cannot be overpowered by LUST. There is no alternative for this immense feeling.

Such a therapy love can be!

When you love a girl, you’ll feel you got another mother in her. She knows you better. All your likes and dislikes, your darker side, your wildest desires, your past and YOU! She knows everything. And still she clings on to you. She never lets you go. She is your stressbuster. It’s not her as a piece of artwork that you desire, rather it’s her womanhood. A high tied, layered pony tail, sexy curves, toned body, neatly waxed legs and an attractive chest- lusty men you desire them. But true males know that beauty doesn’t lie in your appearance. It’s within. You need to go deep within her, understand her and see the world through her to know what her beauty is.

Men, feel proud to say that she’s your lady love. Treat her like your queen. Feel the same tingling sensation you had when your friends first teased you when you started a liking for her. Keep it increasing all the time. Feel proud of her.

She smiles when she sees you,when she hears your name. Strive to never let it fade away. That smile will sure make you feel the most happiest man alive on this planet. You still get reasons to live life more with her. The love and the hates! Fights and arguments! Chaos and calms! Cuddles and sex! Smiles and laughter! After all, life is a mixture of these blended emotions where “love” plays an exciting role!

Hope, you guys reading this will sure give this life an exciting start all over, once again!



One of the most precious gems of my life – my dad! This small letter is just for you. 
Dear dad, 

First and foremost I should be lucky or blessed maybe to be your daughter. Not just because I get your surname, but because your blood runs in my body and that you made me. 

Since my birth till date you have given me tons of love. You never gave us a chance to regret. Even during the toughest times you were our pillar of support. Just saying a “thank you ” would be one in hundredth part of your love. 

I very well understand that you always do good for me but at times our ideas do not match. Though such unpleasant situations occur very rare (*winks*). 

Dad, you have always been my hero and you are my only source of inspiration after Dr. A. P. J Abdul Kalam. Today  I’m so glad to share this among people who are reading my article. 

You’ve held my tiny little fingers and taught me how to write. You guided me to walk boldly. You gave me all the best things that I deserve. To say, you have done more than what I could even expect and lot more than what I deserve. You chose the best things for me.  

You have such good recognition among people and that makes me understand how hard you work to maintain the rapport. In each and every path you walk, you leave a trail of life lessons. 

At work,  you are an outstanding performer. As a husband you are a sweetheart. As a father you are a superhero. As a son you are extremely blessed. As a brother you are caring. On the whole you are the best

On your special day, (since 8th April 1996 😉) here’s this gist of you. Maybe I haven’t spoken about you ever before but just wanted to share this with you today. 


Loads and loads of love to you!

Neither your first, nor your last

The moment you went down on your knees to propose me, my life seemed to blossom with happiness. It was an instant “yes” from me cause I had the same feelings for you. I adored you ever since I had seen you first. 

I was happy that I mattered you the most. I was totally swayed by the breeze of love! 

Little had I known about you that you’d juggle with the human feelings, you would have never gotten the title “ex”.

When you first held my hand in yours and placed your lips on mine, I felt a slight shiver in my veins. A shiver of joy and pleasure ran down my spine. The warmth of your breath gave me hope. It made me feel comfortable. The closeness assured a forever bonding. 

Had I then known that those hands were already clung onto many others’s and those lips been tasted by hundreds, I’d have never felt so low today. 

All those times when you’d caress my hair and stare at my eyes, all I could see was love. I never knew that I was being hallucinated with your lusty eyes and all that I actually saw was an illusion. 

To the countless dates, night clubs, shoppings, long drives and sleepovers we went, all I knew was you were the perfect guy for me. I was proud to say you were mine. You were all mine. 

But I was mistaken. Blindfolded. Deceived. I never had the slightest thought that you’d embrace any other girl in the city and specially when I was with you. Yes, you did! You finally showed up your abhorrent nature. 

During the weekends when you would show up, all I believed was if I lived life it was for two reasons. One for my parents and the other for you. 

I sacrificed my best things for you. My friends who were once my other half were now strangers to me cause you made me feel that you  were the best that ever happened to me. Damn, how foolish I could be!

When my parents knew about my relationship with you, all I got were their advice. Not to be carried away in your charm. But my love for you had taken away my self esteem. I had lost my self control. Day and night all I thought was YOU. 

Once when I spotted you sitting with some random girl in the park, my heart felt the pain. Maybe I was too possessive and couldn’t imagine you with someone else. 

Then when you showed up in my flats and came up to the balcony of my house, I still tried to remain adamant. And all you did was a hug from behind and placed the hottest peck on my neck. You knew that the volcano in me would just melt in seconds. 

My weakness was your strength. You could arouse me in the simplest way. You knew that my mind and soul was all in all you. The feeling that I would easily forgive your mischiefs was pinned in every cell of your brain. And this encouraged your monstrous behavior. 

You hurt me not once, or twice. It was regular, like a ritual. And all these times I kept letting go thinking that love is not always a bed of roses. Ups and downs do occur and everything would heal as time passes by. 

You were present in all the tiniest atoms of air I breathed. The plain walls of my room seemed to portray our beautiful picture that we had shot on the riverside. Every blink of my eye projected our happy times together. 

Had I for once followed the words of my parents, I wouldn’t have had this pain today. 

Your deeds have now ignited a fury in me. 

You may call me a beast. Yes! That’s what your love has turned me into. Oh, sorry! That wasn’t any love, but LUST! 

Blame me. Where had I lost my mind? 

I should have thought at least once before telling you the “YES”. I should have thought before opening up my body to you. Before losing my virginity to you! And even before becoming a prey to your ghastly soul. Yes, I should have thought. 

Do you not ever want to know why I never did? Cause I loved you so much. I trusted you like a newborn in it’s mother’s arms.

And all you saw me was like a piece of fair meat. Like any other dead prey on whom the scavengers could try their hand on. 

But you were no less than a Cannibal. 

All that mattered to you was my skin. My fair skin. My money mattered to you but not me. You judged my performance on bed. You made false comments of me to your friends. You used me till I was shattered into pieces and yet you say you weren’t satisfied? 

Well, finally I have lost the trust that I had built in you. I felt weak and trembling. I felt the air that I breathed was poisoned. I felt lost. I felt nothing was left behind to live for. 

There I was wrong. I had a supporting family to bring me up. My parents who helped me overcome this nightmare. My little brother who cheered me up everytime I felt low. My friends who were always available for me. They made me their priority. They wiped all my scars. They gave me the hope for a better future. 

Today, I pity you. Not cause you deceived me but that you didn’t realise my worth. 

I have moved on. I have learnt what life is. I am also thankful to you for having taught me the bitter phase of life. 

I have learnt to be strong. I have learnt to heal my pain. I have learnt to love myself. I adore my scars that are deep within. I feel loved once again. But this time, it’s a sensible one. 
I was neither your first, and nor your last. 

So good luck to you for your horrific behavior cause I’m pretty sure there would be many girls like me who have learnt the true lessons of love and life and would be daring enough to kick your balls. 

Goodbye forever! 


When was the last time you just lived your life??

Lived… In the sense not just sleep, eat or a vacation with family and friends.

But a total, contended, happy life!

Yes,a few think that doing good in academics, seeking admission in a prestigious insti, earning a good salary, shopping, selfies or hanging out in a night club with some friends and a few bottles of beer is life.

But, have you ever thought when was the last time you were YOU??

Or when had you spent some time to know you? Discover you? Realise your value? Enjoye your beauty?…

And now, when you try thinking about it, your own thoughts are redeemed unconsciously. They justify your actions and assure you once again that you are right. Ever had you given yourself a second chance and rethought over what you had achieved in life, I’m pretty sure one in ten would have known the truth.

The truth that life wanted to show you. That phase which you actually had to discover. Yes I’m not asking you to be selfish but, just be YOU! Atleast for once before you die.

Often people have this habit of praising others, though not always intended. But there exist a handful of them who praise themselves. Who know who they are… what they are… and how they are.

A girl being raped on road doesn’t have a say in the society. She doesn’t deserve justice most of the times. But had she seen herself in her reflection for once, then mark my words- “The world will have least or no rapists at all if they at least feared for their sex organ!” Let the damn law do it’s role.

Yes girls, wake up! You were not born to be a doll for someone to play with your feelings…your pride or your body. Let people understand that all earthlings are humans and that a small pin would hurt a female just the same way as it hurts the males.

When a guy attains puberty, he’s perplexed with his hormonal changes. Some grow rapidly and some very slow. Even in his twenties, when he  does not have a proper moustache or a cool beard,his ego is hurt. No maintained body, no abs and no muscles implies no girlfriends! Lots of peer pressure and ill advice leads to the bitter side of life- the ‘drugs’!

My dear guys, have you ever thought that these are hormonal changes and a few to blame your genes too??? Then why add on so many worries in life?

Stay cool and be young… That young which no beauty product can bring in you.

So people, stop where you are and put a full stop to your artificial life. Pause for a second, turn back to your real life and say a Hi!

Yes, coz you wouldn’t have done it lately, or never at all. Then cherish that tinch of life which you never would have felt. Not even when you held a bag with crores of money in it!

Peeps, it’s this happiness I’m talking about. This happiness which you encountered for the first time, where you could discover a tiny YOU in a big realm of life. That fake life which you had created would have now been beautified with this small essence.

The secret to a happy life is not wealth or contentment, but what role you played in cherishing your memories of life… Those memories that your soul would never bid an adieu to!

So finally, call up your life and just say a hello! Who knows it’s sad and drowned in the thought of being unattended?

First blog post

Reminiscent 🙂

Hold on to the dreams you conjour
Cause once they die, life becomes a clueless tour!
Relaxed and felt each and every scene,
For the best dream I had ever seen
Was my king and queen beside me.

Yes that’s me as a child,
Who’s just grown to be a beautiful adult. A girl in her twenties,                                       Being admired by a plenty!                     Flaunting her beautiful curves and that flowing mane,                                       Despite her hundred trials which went in vain.

She, a fashionista                                         An icon of love and respect.

Yes, that’s the girl one ought to be, with honours and faith bestowed.

Age, be the only factor to which she bowed!